About Us

Who are CCE's?

French businessmen, chosen among the best known executives in the import/export field, in France and abroad, and appointed by a decree signed by the French Prime Minister for a three-year renewable term.

Foreign Trade Advisors commit themselves to work pro bono and to assist the French Administration in setting its trade policy. In foreign countries they are closely cooperating with the French Embassy Economic Department.

For the very beginning in 1898 (also important year for the Philippines!) they joined together in an Association called National Committee of French International Business Advisor designed to help them to carry out their mission; to work and think together, to hold discussions with public officials, to organize meetings and conferences and to exchange information and hint on foreign markets.

The association receives no government subsidies. It is entirely financed by its member's subscriptions.

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Their Network

Located in France as well as around the world, the CCEs represent a dynamic network of 4000 members.

CCEs worldwide

2620 French senior executives established in 145 countries.

CCEs in France

1332 CCEs with international expertise are scattered all over France.

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What is their mission?


Advisory role


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More about them

The Internet - http://www.cnccef.org

Get information about CCE news and get in direct touch with a French businessman ready to answer your questions.

Entreprendre à l’International

Every other month, this French magazine offers you guidance and relates the original and personal professional experiences of the 4000 CCEs.


Synthèse mensuelle du Baromètre CCE de la conjoncture mondiale et de l'activité des entreprises françaises dans le monde.

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